The Next Episizode, Biatch!

Week 2
Proceed stealthily downstairs to arcology B1

• B1 is long hall way with bedrooms on either side. Group of ghouls fighting cyberslaves down the hall. 2 more ghouls closer to us notice us and charge. They are killed
• Down the hall ghouls beat cybers and charge us. Blows are traded, but they die.
• Search rooms to find: thermal dampener rank 2, 3 BTL’s, 1oz. Deepweed, pair of shock gloves, ARES viper sliver gun, narcojet flechettes, handcuffs, 2 thermal grenades. Fight ghouls and cybers to get them.
• General atmosphere of Arcology is that workers are nervous and stressed, both by the cloistering and the nature of their research. Workers are resorting to drugs, keeping loaded weapons in their rooms, and missing shifts due to illness or fatigue.
• Use bedroom key and sneakily open door to room. Confronted by cyber troll. Shock gloves to face disables the devices in their implants, leaving them lobotomized. Find key to weapons range.
• Proceed stealthily down to B2. Security.
• Week 3
• Jinan uses thermal vision first and detects heat signatures in the hall around the corner, and more through a wall in a room to the left. She perceives astrally and sees the figures in the hall are ghouls, and in the room next there are cybers.
• Jinan has a strong sympathetic reaction with the cybers, as she sees that they have basically been hollowed out of there essence and replaced with the cybernetics that have usurped their wills.
• Ghouls get knocked out with neurostun. Some cybers get knocked out and one gets killed. The room with the cybers had big data storage devices.
• Jinan sneaks thru the North door and finds a scanner room filled with cybers. She quietly closes the door again
• Jinan detects thru the South wall a bunch of drones in the room with the security terminal. Jinan jams their signals one by one and Rusty hacks them one by one and takes over all the drones. Enter security office.
• Jinan searches gun cabinet. Finds remington shotgun and ammo.
• Rusty begins hacking the security node and turns off roaming IC
• Jinan edits camera footage to protect their identity
• Camera footage reveals other floors. Security cameras turned off
• Jinan detects ghouls in the other room and gets the drop on them. 1 is hit with a narcojet dart but doesn’t pass out. First encounter with Ghoul mages. 3 are killed, one is tranqued. Proceed to ID room
• Take turns trying to make IDs and with luck turn Bedroom key into Special Guest. Return to security
• Rusty baits the cybers in the scanner room with a roto drone. It flies and kites them into room with data storage towers
• Next room has ghouls in it and in the stairs. 1 is tanqued, 3 are killed. Proceed below to Weapons Testing
• First room has 4 ghoul mages. Jinan attempts to throw a CS gas grenade into the room and Rusty to lock the door on them, but 2 slip thru. Rusty crushes 1 with a door that Jinan dodges. The other 3 are knocked out by gas. After gas clears proceed.
• Weapons Control Room is full of cybers. Several are knocked out with shock gloves, the rest are shot.
• Acquire Weapon Scientist ID and Commlink, Shadowmerc ID and Commlink, extra shock gloves, Fichetti Security pistol, neurostun capsule clips. Weap. Sci. has info about the project to overcome the cyberslaves sense of self-preservation by not dodging bullets and rockets. Merc Comm showed he was leader of heavy team with Mayhew’s hard drive. They delivered but it didnt help. He tried to escape the ghouls but met his end here
• Record all current relevant data on datachip. Begin running upload of new data
• Use turrets on 3 groups of ghouls in this floor and next. 1 of Rusty’s Dobermans is lost in the kiting. All ghouls die on the turrets except 1 which Jinan crushes on the stairs while Rusty repairs and 2 more that stay below. These are engaged and dispatched.
• Jinan assenses great pain, sorrow, and injured pride from some powerful magical creature deep below. Proceed to Science Observation Lab
• Find Mayhew’s hard drive, learn the projects full nature, that they are trying to make riggable meta-humans, and they hope to do the same with their guest but haven’t yet. Have been trying for days to suppress the news of their failure to control the drones from their superiors.
• Rusty wants to take a cyberslave for “research” but Jinan wants to shut the machine down in hopes that some life will return to the slaves. Debate ensues and Rusty finally agrees to turn the control rig off. The cybers instantly fall asleep. Claim the Control Rig ourselves. Proceed down
• Try to get the drop on a group of Ghouls below, but they detect and charge Jinan on the stairs. They get split up by Rusty with the security doors and are dispatched, as are the two in the next hall, tho 1 of Rusty’s drones is badly damaged in the fray. Recalls and repairs while Jinan stealthily scouts the floor below.
• Lots of ghouls, a type which we haven’t seen before, a sasquatch, and a dragon! Regroups on B5 to plan.
• Jinan figures out that with the bodies of 2 awakened creatures they could lure the ghouls with bait, and with 10 capsule rounds they could cover the bodies with enough neurostun to knock them out. The bodies are acquired, the rounds are fired, the ghouls are retired.
• Rusty tries to hack the “special guest” terminal but is shut out. He then probes the target more carefully and gets in. Find and catalogue info about them experimenting on the dragon and the dragon resisting. Opens door to Sasquatch. Jinan approaches. The Dragon begins to speak thru the sasquatch saying it was captured on the border. Is more trusting of us for not killing all the mind slaves. Agrees to help us if we help it escape, and does the samsquanch.
• Rusty calls Anita and tells her we need transportation 10 minutes ago with room for something big. MAC truck big! Sit tight and await evac
• Week 5
• Truck is on its way. Rusty releases restraints on dragon. Cargo elevator door opens and predator drone appears.
• Closes on the group and fires a rocket. 2 of Rustys’ rotodrones are scrapped, the samsquanch takes serious injury and is knocked down, and Jinan rolls away from the blast only slightly singed. Rusty begins to hack while Jinan closes and draws its fire. When the Drone detects Rusty and boots him, Jinan is forced to drop it in a barrage of bullets.
• Greg approaches the scene. Summoning a watcher spirit to scout ahead he detects 3 gan members talking about breaking into a van nearby, easy score. His temper flaring he summons a fire spirit to waylay the interlopers, killing 2 and herding another to him for questioning. The member reveals his gang was tipped off to a van jacking equipment from this lab that would be a good turn-around score. Greg stuns the ganger and projects his astral self down into the basement towards the psychic emanation.
• Rusty decides to regroup his remaining drones in the ground floor garage while he brings the van around to the front of the building. Just then his Optic-X drone spots a black van pulling into view, as well as a scan revealing more than a score of active nodes. Rusty jumps the curb and drives across the concrete garden to a street connected to the front of the Arcology.
• Jinan is down in the absement with the wookie pushing the damaged drone towards the elevator knowing that Rusty can maybe salvage some use from it. Gregs astral form manifests right in front of her and she freaks out for a second. Greg questions her as to her business with the dragon, but Jinan brushes him off, saying she doesn’t have time to explain. She has to get the drone, the dragon and the wookie out of here before any welcoming committee arrives. Greg tells her its too late for that, as they are here already. Jinan tells him if he wants to help the dragon to go protect Rusty in the van. He speeds back up thru the ground to his body, summoning another fire spirit to guard Rusty as he races to the garage.
• Rusty careens off the curb onto the street, much to the surprise of some gangers moving in on it. They try to stop him, but he blasts past them. The ones that open fire on him are engulfed in flames by the fire spirit. The rest scatter. Rusty whips into position in front of the building
• Jinan, unable to wait for Rusty to hack the elevator, runs over to the terminal and begins entering passwords at random. The password turn out to be “password” and the elevator begins its descent. Jinan, the sasquatch, the drone and the dragon all begin riding it to the top. The drone is loaded into the back of the van just as Anita comes over Rusty’s Comm saying she’s driving the rig herself, and she’s coming in hot. However, the Optic-X picks up a Tyrell Response Team pulling up in the other van and approaching the building on foot. Jinan moves into cover, Greg tries to cover ground to the garage, Rusty beings hacking the van, which begins trying to kick him out, and Anita begins rounding the corner.



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