Mt Shasta

The Great Dragons of the 6th world assembled to discuss recent events related to Tyrell Corporation, Tir Tairngire, the Seattle Metroplex and metahumanity. The Dragons (through their intermediary Kokusho) hired Team Adventure to provide physical security, matrix security, and a matrix meeting space. The dragons were:

“herald of fire”
Ryumyo’s appearance was the first event that made the public aware of magic. From his lair in Mt Fuji he has acquired considerable wealth and prestige. He is deeply involved in the Japanese Imperial government. Though he serves only in an advisory role, he fiercly defends what he sees to be the interests of the Japanese nation. He sits on the board of major Japanese Corporations such as Shiawase, Mitsuhama and Renraku, but only out of respect for his role in Japanese society. In return, he rarely attempts to interfere with the day to day operations of the companies.

“the chronicler”
Arleesh rarely involves herself in human or dragon politics, preferring the pursuits of magical research and uncovering the pre-6th world magical history. Arleesh has a great interest in magical artifacts and will go to great lengths to find them. Though she travels the world in her research, she usually remains in her metahuman form and works extensively with runners when it will help her keep a low profile or acquire magical artifacts. Arleesh is of the opinion that many of the older artifacts with magical properties are too important to be trusted to metahumans.

“the unconquered”
Normally a recluse in his lair in the Arabian Peninsula, Aden is the most hostile to metahumanity among the Great Dragons. When he is in the news it is usually for skirmishes with regional militaries. Though he will work with selcted runners and criminals, he finds any with ties to official national governments or corporate structures to be distasteful (though a taste he is willing to acquire).

“mother of mercy”
One of the main allies of the late Dunklezahn, Hestaby is the most sympathetic to humans and metahumans of the great Dragons. She sits on the Star Chamber in Tir Tairngire and was one of the only princes to support the revolution there. Hestaby called this conference following the instability in the Seattle Metroplex and Kokusho’s revelations.

“the eveningstar”
A fiercly loyal ally of Hestaby, Kokusho serves as her personal spymaster as well as working in an intelligence gathering capacity for the Tir Tairngire government. Kokusho’s kidnapping by Tyrell Corp, as well as his learning of Tyrell’s targetting of magical beings has prompted this conference of Great Dragons. Kokusho is more pro-metahuman than most other great dragons, but attacks and torture by Tyrell have left him paranoid and cautious.

The team set up a network of cameras and drones on each floor, with the security node and meeting node hidden behind a complicated array of dummy nodes. Outside Mt Shasta, forces of the Tyrell Corporation were detected before they could mount an assault. After being hit with an armor debonding mortar round, the massive Tyrell Shining Dragon began firing long range laser blasts at Rusty’s drones. After taking concentrated fire from three Nimrod drones the Shining Dragon crashed and burned in the forest, and in brutal fashion, the various drones and hellhounds outside Mt Shasta destroyed the remainder of Tyrell’s forces: the helicopters, grope drones, and cybertrolls.

On the top floor of Hestaby’s volcano mansion, Ji-nan assensed larcenous intentions among the members of Aden’s entourage and attempted to order them back into their room. They dropped a smoke grenade and tried to disappear into the mist. Ji-nan shot the sword weapon focus out of the hand of one of Aden’s agents. The other attempted to hold hostage the minions of Arleesh, but after being threatened by Ji-nan with being shot and burned to death with white phospherous rounds, both surrendered.

Professor Javier Carlos in his astral form detected a strange new type of spirit which tried to cast a spell on him. After subduing it, he rejoined Blip in the great hall outside the Dragon’s conference. Blip had discovered strange deranged dwarves who had been magically concealed outside the dragons’ meeting. Though Blip quickly incapacitated them, more and more kept showing up and casting spells at Blip and Professor Carlos. As the pitched battle in the great hall was joined by Team Adventure’s security drones the volcano began to rumble.

Rusty (now Verdigris) detected intruders in its network of dummy nodes. The clumsy Tyrell hacker was dispensed with in no time, but there was another, subtler intruder. Fastjack, the proprietor of Jackpoint, who had encountered Rusty before in the Mitsuhama Matrix Network, was detected in an interior dummy node. He believed Rusty to be a fellow hacker there to spy on the dragons. Rusty and his agents were able to remove even the mighty Fastjack without him knowing that this time, Rusty was working for the man.

Meanwhile, after Blip and Professor Carlos killed or knocked out most of the invading dwarf cultists and void spirits, the continued rumbling of the volcano convinced them to go down below into the room containing Hestaby’s horde. There they discovered more of the cultists and void spirits trying to attack the Shasta Shamans, who were sustaining the spell preventing Mt Shasta’s eruption. Blip was able to take down the cultists while Professor Carlos created a mana barrier around the Shamans and gained control of one of the void spirits. Sensing that the focal point of their battle was below, Ji-nan slid down the tunnels of Mt Shasta, doing an acrobatic leap to land safely in the lower chamber.

A swirl of magical energy revealed a portal through which came a terrible tentacled mass with a human head accompanied by more spirits. During the battle that followed Ji-nan was able to quickly take down one of the spirits using Tyrell’s anti-magic ammunition. Two of Rusty’s drones arrived to join the battle. When one of the spirits attempted to levitate some of Hestaby’s machinery out over the lava pit, Professor Carlos used the spirit under his control to try to push it back. The addition of the Drones began to turn the tide, and the team focused their fire on the grotesque alien body of the cult leader. Blip’s gas grenade began damaging the cult leader, both his human head and alien body, and when the creature tried to grab him with its tentacles he was able to hold it back with his staff. His powerful sniper shots combined with automatic fire from Rusty’s drones dispatched the remaining spirits and the cult leader’s body. Once his head was out, Ji-nan was able to assense and detect that the cult leader had the same signature as the priest they had encountered in the Silver Key dimension. Professor Javier attempted to read the cult leader’s thoughts and got a strange vision of sandstone pyramids rising against jungles and strange creatures thrashing and felt the cultist’s supreme confidence that he would succeed in overlaying the Earth’s astral plane with the artificial one he resides in. The strain of invading such an alien mind proved too much for the good professor, and when he came to he found that he was unable to walk. Thanks to his psychological knowledge he knew that there was nothing wrong with his legs, it was purely a result of the trauma, but knowing this didn’t help him to walk. The frothy cult leader laughed at the team before dissipating. Kokusho then sent the team a vision discovered in the Jewel of Memory detailing the relationship between Rachel Tyrell, Dunkelzahn and Silas Sombra. The relationship began to sour and then Dunkelzahn was assassinated. This event seems to have been a major turning point for Rachel Tyrell’s beliefs about magic.

Mt Shasta

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