Los Angeles

Largest city under the jurisdiction of the Pueblo Corporate Council, Los Angeles is strictly divided not only by class, but based on its many corporate sovereign jurisdictions. The main districts of Los Angeles are South Central, Downtown, Arcology Row and the Deep Lacunae.

The slums of South Central were walled in by the PCC prior to the great quake. Called El Infierno by locals, the walled city suffered the worst from the flooding and geologic upheaval during the great quake. The criminal syndicates that control South Central include The Ancients, organized around exiled High Prince Lugh Surehand, an expanded Hellhounds, the Angels, a local magigang and the Triads. These criminal organizations divide jurisdiction and run protection rackets for treasure hunters exploring the sunken wastes of the LA that was, as well as the traditional drug and gun trafficking.

Downtown is a commercial district where both the wealthier slum dwellers and corporate drones looking to blow off steam go for entertainment. Amidst the bars, restaurants and theaters are many of the cheaper corporate facilities. The gangs have less influence here, but still have a large presence. Tyrell Corporation’s Los Angeles Academy for training magic users is located here, tucked away under a nondescript warehouse.

Arcology Row is where the elite corporations locate their headquarters and top research facilities. In Arcology Row, the ground level is largely flooded while the airspace is subject to sovereign restrictions, including hefty access fees at a minimum. Tyrell Corporation’s Headquarters Tower is located here.

The Deep Lacunae is the network of caverns, some air-filled and some fully submerged, underneath Los Angeles that were opened up by the great quake. All scholars agree that the caves are extremely magically active, but extensive exploration has not yet been done due to difficulties ranging from jurisdictional disputes to rumors of sea monsters to further tectonic settling.

Los Angeles

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