Silver Key to a red door painted black

The gang was feeling a bit on edge after their many excursions and incursions, and were looking for some downtime. Rusty decided to do a little Jackpoint research on the new drug he’d heard was hitting Casa Tir known as Silver Key. There wasn’t too much to be found, but he did uncover a few accounts where Jackpointers were able to experience mutual group hallucinations. One constant thread that ran thru the accounts was that all the users seemed to envision themselves being in a large castle they could wander around in. Rusty was intrigued, but wanted some more accredited information. He found out about a professor at the university who had a reputation for, shall we say ‘open-mindedness,’ named Albus Farnsworth and arranged to meet with him at a later date.

In the meantime he thought of a way to earn himself a little extra ¥ by selling info about the Tyrell R&D Arcology. He compiled a file of useful info about the security layout and various matrix access points, carefully omitting some of the more ghoulish particularities, and sold it to an online contact that presented itself tersely and more like a seasoned hacker. He then compiled another file regarding all the evidence they had collected concerning Tyrell’s raid on the Sombra building. Jinan drafted a message to send to a representative of the Corporate Court, thru a lead furnished by Major Thomm, and an arrangement was made to meet with them in a weeks time, when they would be in Casa Tir for the corporate accords discussions. Greg received instructions from Finrod and AWE to try and influence this vote against the corporations in any way possible. He asked Finrod to include Rusty and Jinan in this payday, to which he consented. With this charge Greg set about obtaining a fake magic license and directional laser microphone, intending to try and get a job with security detail for the meeting.

The gang was ready to unwind and try silver key. Rusty talked to Rakeel thru his contacts at the Ancients bike shop and managed to pick up a number of hits of the stuff. Finally the meeting with Farnsworth took place, and after they explained what they knew about the drug he asserted that it permitted users to experience a metaplane, and agreed to “lead” an expedition. They all convened in Greg’s large apartment and prepared to dive in. Rusty, not wanting to be caught anywhere with his pants down, set his drones to watch the building and make sure no threats approached while they were under.



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