Rusty's Museum Heist

Rusty did some surveillance and hacking at the Museum of Science and Technology, wanting to prepare to steal the experimental VR simrig on display. He determined the layout of the museum and dispatched custom agents to both the security and maintenance nodes. When the team came back at night the agent on the security node disabled the camera system, while the agent on the maintenance node added Rusty’s drones to the list of approved maintenance drones. The maintenance agent was detected and an alert was triggered. The security spider was awoken in the middle of the night and the TT Peace Forces were called by the automated alert. Greg shrouded the Adventurevan in a darkness spell, and when the Peace Forces arrived he instilled in them boredom and a compulsion to leave the investigation and eat. After a quick search showed nothing amiss, the fuzz left. Rusty and the Spider started by attempting to hack each other’s drones. Rusty decided to hack the museum’s security node while the hacker went to battle the detected agent on the maintenance node. Rusty subverted the museums security system, when the spider attempted to return to the security node he discovered he was no longer welcome. He encountered his own Ixcuiname IC and was not only damaged by overcome by a psychotropic effect. The incident left him with an implanted paranoia towards the matrix. Rusty then had the museum’s maintenance drones disconnect the VR simrig and follow his LEBD back to the van. On his way out he also stole the museum’s security drones. With his shiny new toy, he paid Dr Spaceman to install it in his head and gained the ability to be faster than the competition in matrix space.



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