Rakeel Womp Womp

Jinan carried the body to the van, and examined it while Rusty sped away. Seeing that there was headware installed, Jinan tried to access its data, only to have it explode as she triggered an implanted bomb. She called Rakeel to try to find an underground surgeon who could have performed some of the modifications to the victim. At a meet with Rakeel at the Mes ti Maeaerthsa (Path of the Warrior) Bar he seemed quite nervous, but he set up a meeting with his crime surgeon at the Telestrian Biotech facility. Dr Spaceman and Rakeel both seemed suspicious and nervous at the meet. When confronted with what they had done and threatened with guns they confessed. The Ancients had kidnapped the girl, again, a rogue operation of Rakeel’s. Dr Spaceman had performed the modifications. They both promised to drop human trafficking if Jinan would let them go. Rakeel agreed to let the Ancients be used to smuggle people and goods back and forth between Portland and Seattle and he revealed that a prominent politician had hired his services before the girl ended up dead. He knew it was a politicians because he had his charge tailed to the Star Chamber. He agreed to help Jinan further her revenge if he could.



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