Power to The People of Portland

Jinan slumped onto the mattress of her shoe-box apartment in the Surehand Flophouse. It had been a long, busy week. They had only been in Portland for about 10 days, but the heat they had already generated was such that they needed to skip town again. Of course for a shadowrunner, that just meant you got payed that week.
They had arrived back in Portland just in time to get Greg the security gig at the business administration building. The background info Rusty had planted online was enough to get Greg the interview, but when they asked for references they had to call the dragon. Greg agreed to act in his service, and in exchange Kokusho guaranteed Greg the job. Seemed too easy; Jinan hoped it wouldn’t come back to bite them. But then again that was always the case with dragon deals.
But it gave the team a brilliant advantage when it came to monitoring the conference. Greg was able to give detailed info about the security layout, grant Rusty security network access, even plant a directional mic to provide audio coverage of the proceedings. Rusty was able to acquire the IDs of several of the representatives, and hacked the Tyrell representative. Listening into a conversation between Tyrell and the Renraku rep and digging into his files revealed how they were planning to seriously undercut the bidding for Tir Taerngir’s security in exchange for support on the vote. That turned out to be quite valuable info to the Corp Court rep they met with later that night. And to top it all off she had managed to see another vision from the forest about the blight that it suffers from, revealing a blood ritual between Sylvarus and Alejandro, the Aztechnology rep and well-known first class badass. A good first day…



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