Only take what you can handle...

and always know your dealer

The party followed the magic lines in the floor further down, and those attuned could sense a surge of mana as they traveled down. This floor was also guarded by a priest, which chastised Greg’s entity for not fulfilling his duties leading the ritual. Greg acknowledged and the group moved on. Resisting the urge to follow the lure to its source, the gang sought information from the archives which were on the way. Jinan had still not connected with her host, and as such could not interpret the language. The others however found much useful information. Greg found a formula for a spell he could learn. Meanwhile Rusty searched for detailed schematics of the space fighter he hacked above, and made a specific effort to commit them to his memory for future use. He also found some samples of the aliens music and finding it very much to his tastes absorbed as much of it as he could. This done, the group moved on to what they knew to be a ritual room which fed the mana flow which provided the energy off which this society ran, having found a way to integrate and power their technology from this mana flow. Jinan hung back to observe, but Greg was caught up in his possessed personality. He went to assume his place as a priest at the head of the ceremony. Farnsworth, thoroughly enjoying his trip so far, joined in to the ceremony and began merging his essence with their system. Jinan observed that when participants grew fatigued from their participation they moved over to a fountain off to the side of the room and refreshed themselves. Fearing that Farnsworth and the others were getting to caught up in the moment, she grabbed him and dragged him to the pool, dunking him in. He instantly vanished from the archivists body, awakening back on Earth and leaving a sputtering alien in Jinan’s hands. She released him and withdrew just as the connection started to fade for the rest of them too. They soon all found themselves sitting up on the floor of Greg’s apartment, Farnsworth looking like a wet cat.



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