Jinan in the Awakened Forest

Jinan looked to see if there were any cameras surrounding the Awakened Forest in west Portland. Not seeing any, she entered the park. Her astral perception saw that something was amiss in the forest’s aura, and this quickly proved to be so as deranged tree spirits attacked her. She decided not to fight back, and escaped the tree with gymnastics. The spirit of the forest itself, a green man with antlers appeared and directed Jinan to a clearing. She snuck past some feral dog apes and found the clearing. Meditating in the clearing, she had a vision of a blighted place in the forest. She went to that place and was attacked by another tree spirit. Evading it, she climbed into a cave on a nearby cliff-side. In her cave hiding place Jinan saw a dead body. Jinan meditated and had a vision. A young girl kidnapped from her life in the slums, surgically altered to look like a trid star, and trafficked into a life of prostitution, only to be stabbed in the woods by a rich elf and his Aztlaner companion. Jinan saw the girl’s spirit in her vision, and vowed that she would ensure her fate would not befall anyone else.



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