If the key fits...

The group awoke in a room covered in runes. When they looked at each other and themselves they discovered that they had elongated grey bodies, different from their own. Ji nan had a pair of tank treads instead of her cyberlegs, and everyone seemed to have most of the functionality of their gear, tho in odd alien analogues. Rusty had a helmet which fed him AR data that seemed to react to the runes on the floor and walls, but it was in a language he couldn’t understand. Ji nan sneaked to the door and assenced the presence of 2 figures which had the same form as the groups new bodies. They spoke of going down to the ceremony below, and walked off. As they did Ji nan felt a powerful pull to follow them. She managed to resist the urge and returned to the group. They decided to go the opposite direction from the voices they heard, and proceeded down the hall until they encountered a large rune on the floor in front of a door to another room. Ji nan assenced that there was no one in the room so they went in. There was a large machine with a glowing flashing rune in front of it, and Ji nan could assence it had mana coursing thru it. The group decided to leave and proceeded down the hall, but soon heard something coming towards them. They ducked back into the room with the mana machine, but that was where the guards they were trying to evade were heading. They seemed to respond to a badge on Ji nan’s body, and she used that to bluff them away, indicating that Rusty was working on the machine. After they left Ji nan approached the machine. She reached out and touched it and instantly her spirit was drawn out of her body and mingled with the machines energy. She felt herself pulled first down into the basement, where she felt many other auras feeding the flow. Then she was whisked up thru the structure and out into space. She reveled at the view into infinity for a brief moment before she was drawn back down and driven back into her alien body. They group then decided to follow the rune path on the floor upstairs.

When they reached the next floor they were confronted with an alien priest who began to address them directly in its foreign language. At a literal loss for words, Greg consulted with his mentor spirit which began channeling the latent consciousness of the alien he was possessing to speak back to the priest. The priest began to lead them back to a door down the hallway that was covered in warning signs in this strange alien runic system. The priest suggested that Farnsworth would be an excellent subject to be put thru the door. Greg deliberated internally, but decided that keeping Farnsworth with them was more valuable than sacrificing him to see what lay beyond. The priest returned to its post while the group proceeded further down the hall.

Coming to the cusp of a new room, the runners decided to reconnoiter to establish what they knew. They discerned that they were possessing the bodies of alien lifeforms, and that if they meditated they could subsume themselves further into their awareness and learn more of their roll. All in the party decided to do this except Ji nan who thought to remain detached enough to avoid getting them lost in an alien world. But thru connecting with their hosts, they learned that they were on Mars, or at least a parallel of Mars on this metaplane. They learned that they were arriving at a momentous time where the Martians were having a peace accord with their ancient enemies, which were from an underwater civilization on Earth. Rusty was in the body of the chief martian technician, Greg was one of the high priests, Ji nan was in the body of the leader of a special investigative task force concerned with mysterious disappearances so close to the peace accord with the earthlings, and Farnsworth was in the body of an archivist. Armed with this knowledge they opened the door to a large hanger. The opposite end of the room was an opening that was fed into space, a gossamer force field sealing the room from the void. Several fighter sized space ships populated the hanger, as well as one larger transport ship. Out of this ship there was a detachment of what the immersed party members recognized as the earthlings and enemies of the martians. They also saw a large terminal that was directing a beam out into space surrounded by priests. The runners approached it.

Ji nan managed to convince the priests that Rusty needed to work on the terminal, but they agreed only so long as they were allowed to supervise. He used the opportunity to learn that the ship with the earthlings had indeed just arrived from some underwater location on Earth, and were here to negotiate terms of an end or abatement of hostilities. He also located the node of one of the smaller fighters and hacked his way onto it. But not being able to exercise too much control he logged off. They left the sprawling hangar and found themselves drawn back to what was behind the large door with the caution signs. Jinan went to the priest they met earlier, who was still in front of the door. After exchanging some harsh words with him, the priest opened the door, revealing a massive tentacled horror. In a flash it leaped at the reeling gawkers. Ji nan dodged to the side and hit the button on the control panel to shut the door. In a furor she turned on the priest. Unfazed, he cast a spell of command and dismissed her. Overpowering her resistance he watched as Ji nan helplessly walked off with the party in tow. They were heading past the room where they first found themselves when they overheard people speaking english in another room. When they went in to investigate they discovered more people from their plane who had taken the drug. Rusty and Greg began addressing the other users, who seemed to be pretty clueless about what was going on, in the coarse alien language, which seemed to shake them up a bit. Then Ji nan stepped in, still speaking english herself, and tried to convince them that the runners were aliens and that were wise to the befuddled users. When they proved to be unreliable sources of info, she urged them to stay in the room and not touch anything. The group then moved on further downstairs.



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