Greg in Lorfwyr's Mansion

Greg arrived at the late Lorfwyr’s mansion lair in the west hills above Portland, and his attempt to astrally perceive the mansion was blocked. Greg quickly blasted a hole through the magical barrier surrounding the mansion and climbed through. Seeing the hellhounds roaming the yard, no doubt feral by now with their master long dead, Greg tried to stealthily levitate through a window of the mansion. One of the Hellhounds saw him and tried to follow, but he knocked it back with a stunbolt. Assensing the house’s magical security, he snuck away from a spirit of man, and was able to evade a stone golem by levitating above it and pelting it with stunbolts. He also perceived another astral barrier deeper in the house. He came to a table with a candle and a goblet on it. After some trial and error, he lit the candle, wine appeared in the glass, which Greg sipped. Elsewhere in the mansion the magical barrier flickered and disappeared. Greg went and retrieved the jewel from its container. He was able to determine it was connected with a dragonshead mantlepiece, but not how. He was able to achieve a flash of insight: Dunklezahn’s last moment of preparing to be inaugurated as president before being felled by an assassins bullet. Unable to deduce anything further, and not wanting to stick around until further awakened individuals decided the hole in Lorfwyr’s mana barrier was too enticing to pass up, Greg left with his valuable find.



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