Don't Forget to Check Your Points...

and Boarder Your Patrols.

The gang sat on the floor of Greg’s high rise apartment. Feeling starving and mentally sore from the trip, they sojourned at the Lewis & Clark bar to scarf pancakes, and struggle to recall the fleeting images of their plane-tripping experience. After resting they recovered and set back to work. Rusty received a communication from the Ancients about a job. Rakeel contacted them about helping them get a shipment of laes across the border into the Metroplex. The group thought this would mesh well with their standing job from AWE to harry the Corporate Courts interest in moving into Casa Tir. To sweeten the deal, Rusty got them to throw in a few doses of the useful drug. The party set themselves to this new task with vigor.

The ground work of any good raid is good surveillance, so Rusty sent the nimrod out under the guise of its cloak to survey the scene. It showed a long electrified fence punctuated by a single story building featuring an external turret and a road block. Numerous guards, sporting various grades of heavy, peppered the grounds, some hidden in the rocks on bikes, some blocking the road, some sitting in a van. There were others in the building as well. But more interestingly there was a curious device outside the checkpoint that was revealed to be a magic dampener; a machine that affected the background count. Everyone acknowledged that this was the most ambitious undertaking they had pursued, and got to work trying to tip the odds in their favor as steeply as they could.

Jinan purchased a number of Breathtaker gas grenades, with the intention of throwing several into the checkpoint office and having Rusty seal the doors to choke the trapped guards and reduce the numbers. Greg was to levitate over the fence and reel out his mage-sight goggles and cast from safety. Rusty would disable the magic dampener and then attack from the front. Easy.

Dusk fell quickly on the lonely checkpoint. Rusty went to work hacking first the communications network. He looped in a message from their satellite dish that “all was well,” and was careful to cover his tracks. Then he hacked the security node of the building, taking control of the doors, lights, the defenses and alarms, and most importantly gained control of the magic dampener. He made sure to shut that off. Greg approached the fence from further down and levitated himself over, well out of view of the pensive guards. After Rusty shut off the cameras Jinan crept up to the building and scaled the wall to the roof. She approached the opposite side and silently slid into place by the door. The skies were clear, but a storm had gathered.



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